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UFO-UAP Information – How to Start

It’s official – UFOs are ‘real.’ ‘Real’ as in ‘can be tracked on radar and other devices’ and appear to not be made by any known ‘human beings.’ The conclusion comes from the fact that, it appears based on research, UAPs are NOT made by humans since no one can confirm humans made them and they appear to exhibit capabilities that no human civilization has been capable of.

I’m currently fascinated by UFOs given what is going on in the news lately regarding the irrefutable evidence of their existence. I have never seen a UAP, and I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. All I can write on is what I come across from reputable online sources.

Please note that this page is a work in progress.

SUGGESTIONS ON HOW TO GET STARTED LEARNING ABOUT UAP I would like to make suggestions for you on how to get started investigating the UAP subject. It is a huge topic and its easy to get lost and sidetracked. To get a good overview of the topic, review the first two Lue Elizondo interview videos that I’ve posted below. Make sure to review the videos in their entirety as they provide a great introduction, and try to take notes. I personally prefer the video by the New York Post because its filled with details, however, the video by the Washington Post is good, too. Then after you’ve gotten your grounding on the subject, its time to jump into a true case study – the Nimitz Encounter. It seems the Nimitz case is the best documented evidence that is available to the general public. I will point you to the Nimitz case later on this page. Its so well documented, that you’d struggle to dispute this event ever happened.

Thank you to all involved in the Nimitz incident for your revealing the information that you can. And thank you to Lue Elizondo and Christopher Mellon for finally bringing the concept of UFOs into the mainstream and adding much needed gravitas to the subject.


If you’re new to the field of ufology, as I am, there are many ways to study it. I prefer the scientific way of studying it because its easier to prove. I invite you to view ufology from a scientific perspective because it takes unproveable ‘personal tales’ and sets those aside as anecdotal evidence. Why? Because its nearly impossible to prove personal events such as UFO abductions. Personal tales are impossible to measure accurately and, consequently, leave a lot of room for error and conjecture. The scientific method concentrates on those physical aspects which can be described and measured and, therefore, recorded as strong evidence of their existence. Please note, I’m not saying that UFO abductions are false, I’m saying that given our current technology, we cannot prove they are true. I suspect the only way to prove them is for someone to wear a Gopro camera for example.


You don’t have to be a scientist to scientifically study UFO/UAP sources of information. Basically, studying something scientifically means measuring and recording physical evidence against predefined standards that hopefully, can and should be repeatable. For example, it is one thing to say I am 5 foot 6 inches tall (which is a physical measurement based on the predefined standard of feet and inches) verses saying I’m the height of fully grown person (what does that mean? fully grown people can be very short to very tall). I hope that gives you an idea of the difference between scientific evidence and anecdotal evidence.

So what are scientific measurements? Measurements include time, date, longitude, latitude, altitude, diameter, width, height, length, shape, frequency, wavelength, infrared, direction of travel, point of origin, speed, acceleration, other reactions to electronics, etc. So when you do your research, make sure your sources provide you measurable evidence.

Now, I think our world has reached a sufficiently technologically advanced ability with radar, cameras, satellites, etc that we’re able to finally accurately and precisely measure UFOs/UAPs and also make sure that our equipment is operating properly. I don’t think we’ve really had that ability until recent times. Because of that, we’ve never really had genuine irrefutable ‘scientific’ evidence. At least not evidence or equipment readily available to the public. As I understand it, UFO craft have actually crashed on earth and been retrieved by the US Government. The Government has yet to officially reveal that they do have crashed UFO remains so I will leave that subject alone for now.

Why is our current technologically advanced equipment such a game changer in regard to UFO/UAP studies? Because these advanced radars, cameras and satellites can see what we can’t see. There is more around us that we can’t see than what we can see. To illustrate, are you aware the common flea, the kind that lives on dogs, is blind? However, a flea can detect blood and the flea will jump to places where it detects blood…and yet a flea is blind and has no concept of the world that you and I are aware of that includes the colors and structures of our visible world. The flea lives in the midst of so much and has no idea! The flea only cares about finding blood and so that’s all it ‘sees.’ So this technologically advanced equipment serves to see things that we can’t and then obtain that information and serve it to us in a manner that we can visually see on a computer screen (for example). For example, we can’t see infrared wavelength although we definitely can feel it. Infrared is a great way to see objects that have(or don’t have) any kind of temperature, or in the parlance of ‘experts,’ a heat signature.

Here are useful links regarding UFO/UAP Intelligence Report and Suggestions on How to Investigate Further.

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Begin with the 60 minutes interview to get a good overview of what happened. Then review the Kevin Day interview because this is where the STORY REALLY BEGINS and includes much detailed information regarding how the UAPs were discovered. The 60 minute interview discusses the pilots encountering the UAPs. The Kevin Day interview discusses events that occurred before the pilot encounter when the UAPs were first seen on radar and it was determined that pilots should go out to see in person what’s going on.