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History of UAPs Over the Centuries

I will write more later as an update to this post. However, putting up this video for now. It is an excellent presentation by Michai Morin on Project Unity’s YouTube channel on the history of UAP. There is also a great discussion following the presentation which offers more great information.

I will state however, I don’t agree with Morin’s conclusion that a highly controlling government is the only way for a civilization to survive. That will only destroy innovation and enjoyment of life. We will prosper and thrive as a free society, and more freedoms will be gained with the maturity of our civilization. It is the natural progression of humanity to attain more freedom (principle of entropy). Another thing, governments may come and go, but people and who they are doesn’t.

Great Infographic for UAP Timeline. Source information is in the image footer.

UAP Historical Timeline
UAP Historical Timeline
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